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About Me

Saxophonist for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events in Kyiv

саксофонист киев, саксофонист на свадьбу киев, заказать выступление саксофониста киев
Saxophonist Yuriy Fedorenko

Professional saxophonist for weddings, conference and corporate events in Kyiv – Yuriy Fedorenko.

My name is Yuriy. I am saxophonist and my mission is to give joy and inspiration with my music.

Experience of working in event industry and teaching –years.

During this time I gained a unique experience of cooperation with ensembles, most rating event agencies, private VIP-clients.

I graduated from Poltava music school named after M. Lysenko  and Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. Specialty: «Artist of the ensemble, orchestra, teacher of saxophone, brass band conductor».

I have regular tours in Europian contries  such as Poland, Germany, France, Italy, to provide an unique experience and new knowledge, experience trends and a fresh approach in the music industry.

I offer great repertoire – jazz, classic, pop music, favorite hits of everyone, romantic and dance music.

Thanks to the individual selection of the program for each client and event, I won the hearts of many listeners – both music lovers and demanding customers.

Worked as an artist in the ensembles and brass bands, a teacher and head of department of wind and percussion instruments in a music school.

I also give  saxophone lessons in Kyiv and on-line lessons all over the world via Skype. I am teacher of the highest category. You can learning with me how to plyay  the saxophone, guitar, block flute, sopilka perfectly. My students are winners of numerous competitions.

Many of my students were enriched forever with invaluable knowledges and skills, and have even become professional musicians!

I am open for cooperation and happy to provide you with his services at the highest level!

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