Student`s concert of Yuriy Fedorenko saxophone school

saxophone school

Student`s concert 2018 year

школа саксофона киев
Students of Yuriy Fedorenko

This year my students’ concert acquired become an international. Students from Kyiv, Dnipro (Ukraine) and Haifa (Israel) showed their playing on saxophone. There are sopilka, ukulele and guitar also sounded. Concert`s repertoire included jazz standards, classical music and modern popular melodies.

I have to admit that my students from other cities on remote training via Skype showed good results. That`s because of hard working and regular lessons on saxophone at first.

All the performers got an invaluable experience playing on professional scene, exchanged of emotions and knowledges.

Student`s concerts of Yuriy Fedorenko saxophone school are holding in the center of Kyiv city every year.

Special thanks to Lushankina Olga for being presenter, photographer Alexey Kot and Tamara Fedorenko for helping in organization of the concert.

The best performances of the concert will be published on YouTube soon.