The results of saxophone lessons for adults and children in 2018-2019

The final part of the concert 2019

Saxophone lessons for children and adults

April 14, 2019 there was the VI International musical concert of my students in the art-concert hall named by Ivan Kozlovsky. 8 people took part in the concert, in total 22 works were performed in the concert this year.

The best students of the stationary and distance learning took part in the final concert of the school year 2018-2019.

Based on many years of teaching practice, I must say that systematic music lessons:

• discipline

• relieve nervous tension

• improve brain development at an early age

• improve the quality of the neural network of the brain, its plasticity, which prevents aging (from a lecture by neurobiologist T. Chernigovskaya)

• make it easier to survive life crises

• help in the fight against bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking)

• improve stress resistance

• help overcome fear of public speaking

Recently, more and more students choose distance learning. This saves time, effort and finances spent on the road to the teacher. Within Skype or Viber, you can master even such a complex instrument as a saxophone from anywhere in the world without leaving home! It is enough to work with the teacher 2 times a week and work hard every day. Confirmation of persistent distance learning on the saxophone is the performance of my student from Israel a year ago. The result of 1 year of study.

I `m glad to see success of my students and wish them further development in the art of music. And also, I invite to study everyone who truly loves the saxophone and wants to develop their skills!

Best regards,

Yuri Fedorenko