Test – Determining the height of notes

To determine the height of notes, the notes are placed on the stave (staves). It consists of five parallel lines, representing together one-note line. The score lines being from the bottom up. The position of notes on the staff shows their height relative to other notes.

Notes are written on a stave:

  • on the lines and between the lines, that is, in the gaps;
  • above and below the rulers;
  • as well as (when the note is too high or low) – short additional product lines that are added to the top or bottom of the staff.

Calculation of additional lines being: the top – up to the first extension, and lower – down. (Click on the green arrow.)

The test for the development of hearing and determining the height of the notes. You are invited to the hearing to determine the highest and lowest note.
* – To pass the test, turn on the speakers or use headphones.