Regular exercises on the saxophone give a decent result if you train daily with great dedication. s


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If you decide to take saxophone lessons, it is important to consult an experienced professional. After all, not every expert is able to give knowledge of qualitative and affordable way.

So, I give a deep knowledge of music easy and affordable.
Many of my students were enriched forever with invaluable knowledges and skills, and have even become professional musicians!

Fast and high-quality training using modern methods. Individual approach to every student. Basic knowledge of music theory and jazz improvisation. Also working with sound: Adobe Audition, musical editor Finale.

  • Teacher of the highest category,
  • Winner of numerous regional and all-Ukrainian competitions and festivals. In general, many of my students became winners of regional competitions, such as: “Young virtuoso of Poltava region”, “Musical kaleidoscope”, “Heart given to children”. And also, all-Ukrainian competitions (“Battle of Poltava”) and international competitions, such as “Blue Bird”, “Crane Key”, “Yamaha invites”,
  • At the above competitions, he attended master classes of jury members and leading teachers: Rukomoynikova A. (Kyiv), Shershneva L. (Donetsk), Shaposhnikova M. (Moscow), Vasilevich Yu. (Kyiv), Eric Mariental (USA).
  • My ensembles of wind instruments such as: “Obriy” (NVK “Parostok”) have repeatedly performed at international festivals in Sweden and Poland,
  • As a result, some of them, students, have become professional musicians!

My motto in life: “Nothing is impossible!”.

Favorite quote: “The beautiful is comprehended through study and at the cost of great effort, and the bad is assimilated by itself, without difficulty.” Democritus. 5th century BC

I will be happy to provide you with my services at the highest level!

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My life motto: “Nothing is impossible!”.

And I want to help anyone who sincerely wants to know the wonderful world of music!

The best regards,
Yuriy Fedorenko