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Interactive saxophone fingerings
Saxophone fingerings
Saxophone fingerings calculator

Authors’ video tutorials on saxophone:
icon-youtube LESSON 1- Choose saxophone
icon-youtube LESSON 2- Saxophone assembly
icon-youtube LESSON 3- Position and fulcrums
icon-youtube LESSON 4- Sound extraction


Interactive chromatic flute fingerings
The full chromatic flute fingerings
Test № 01. The study of notes from C to B to the first octave
Test № 02. Test your knowledge of music from C to B to the first octave
Test № 03. Call note
Test № 04. Determining the height of notes

In addition to regular music lessons with a teacher, it is very important to tearning individualy 1 hour per day. In order to help students and all beginners to learn the saxophone and pipe, I place user-friendly interactive fingering for the saxophone and the pipe (sopilka) on the site. There are also tests for the development of musical notation. Watch my new video saxophone lessons.

Now everyone has the ability to play music on-line all over the world!