саксофонист киев, саксофонист на свадьбу киев, заказать выступление саксофониста киевMy name is Yuriy Fedorenko and I am glad that you are visiting my site 🙂 I offer services: Performance of saxophonist and Saxophone lessons in Kyiv and all over the world via SKYPE. Kyiv saxophone party is the most demanded service which enjoys continued popularity.

This site provides all the information about my creative and teaching activities.

Read about the latest events, reports about concerts, tours, watch new videos.

This site has been developed a team of professionals to ensure that you are comfortable to get acquainted with my work.

There is an Education section where you will find the necessary training materials, see photos and videos of my students, see diplomas and certificates. In order to help my students and all beginners to learn the saxophone and pipe, there is placed user-friendly interactive fingering for the saxophone and the pipe (sopilka) on the site. There are also tests for the development of musical notation.
Now everyone has the ability to play music on-line all over the world!

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Contact me and I will answer all your questions!

My life motto: “Nothing is impossible!”.

And I want to help anyone who sincerely wants to know the wonderful world of music!

The best regards,
Yuriy Fedorenko

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